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Can I return my order or part of my order?

Not totally satisfied? That's not good, and we feel the same. Thats why we are gonna solve the problem super fast.

Your order does have to meet some conditions before returning:

  • You will need to announce your return shipment within 14 days after delivery.
  • After you announce your return shipment you will have a additional 14 days to send out the return shipment.
  • You will add a returnform to the return shipment
  • The product has to be unused, unwashed, not worn and not hung up or mounted.
  • The product has not been personalized, for example no own names pressed on the product or something else.
  • You still have the original product packaging.
  • You made no attempt to repair possible damages yourself.
  • You will have announced your return shipment through the sign up for below.

Announce return or trade shipment

Use the form below to announce your return
You will immediatly receive instructions.

Order number:

Starts with 2 or 3 letters followed by 8 or 9 numbers.


Use the same E-mail from when you ordered before.

Zip code:

Use the same zip code as when you ordered before.

Apreciación del cliente 4.9 / 5 basada en opiniones de clientes de Google